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Mr Speaker, Honorable Councilor CT Dlamini,

Amakhosi aseNdlunkulu,

Deputy Mayor, Honorable Councilor BP Simelane (in absentia),

Council Chief Whip, Honorable Councilor EZ Jaffe,

Fellow Members of Executive Committee of

 Fellow Councilors and Officials,

 Members of the Public Present, I greet you all


It is my pleasure to once again rise before this august house to present the 2018/2019 Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework (MTREF) budget prepared in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 read Local Government: Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations as well as MFMA Circulars 89 and 91.

In terms of section 24(1) of the MFMA, “The municipal council must at least 30 days before the start of the budget year consider approval of the annual budget”. This effectively means that annual budget approval must take place in the month of May. This month, Mr Speaker, known as uNhlaba in isiZulu, is the Africa Month. It was in this month of May, the 25th to be precise that the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1963. The body is now known as the African Union (AU) and is actively involved in rejuvenating the ethos and patriotism as Africans.

In the month preceding this current month, we went out to our communities to consult and solicit their inputs into this budget. This consultation took place in the month of April. This process gives hope to our people as we continue to make strides towards better life for all. As we underwent the consultation process, we were at the same time in mourning, celebrating the lives and undying spirits of those that struggled selflesly for our freedom. Just to mention some of them,

  • It was on the month of April, 10th to be precise that a leader of Umkhonto Wesizwe, also the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Chris Martin Thembisile Hani was gunned down at his home in Boksburg 25 years ago
  • It was in the same month of April, 6th, that Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu was brutally hanged in the gallows of the apartheid government for his struggle for freedom of our people in 1979
  • It was in the same month of April, 2nd that the Mother of the Nation, Mama Nomzamo Winfred MadikizelaMandela passed away after dedicating almost her entire life in the struggle for freedom of our people
  • I must remind the house that, this whole year, we are celebrating 100 years selfless struggle lives of the first democratically elected President of the Republic, Doctor Nelson Mandela as well another struggle icon, Mama Albertina Sisulu

As we pick up the spear to continue the fight for total emancipation of our people, we continue to embrace the policies and initiatives aimed at transforming the economy to give effect to economic freedom and better life for all.  In an endeavour to do our bit in response to these policies and initiatives, we continue to implement our amended Supply Chain Management (SCM) Policy to deal with issues of set asides aimed at addressing the imbalances of the past. The amended policy was tabled to Executive Committee of this council in April last year following the promulgation of the new Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) Regulations which are effective from April 2017.  In this manner we are making strides towards Radical Socio Economic Transformaion. Amoung other things, the amended policy provide for set asides, subcontracting and unbundling of some projects to give opportnities to Small Medium Micro‐sized Enterprises (SMME’s). Our policy and regulations now further provide for prequalification criteria including companies owned by youth, women, people with disabilities, people residing in townships and rural areas among others. We have set ourselves a target of at least 40% of our discretionary procurement budget to be spent on the targeted groups that were previously disadvantaged. This is being monitored through reports to Exco on quarterly basis. We have also placed emphasis in increasing local spending and benefiation for our people. Whilst we must be fair, equitable, transparent and costeffective in our procuremet as guided by Section 217 of the Constitution, our people during IDP / Budget Roadshows have unequivocally said they want to be given preference to benefit from the municipality when procurement opportunities come about. It is for that reason that in February this year, the Executive Committee of this council approved a further amendment to the policy that gives preference to local businesses at a premium not exceeding 20% where necessary. This means, if the lowest responsive bidder quotes R10,000 and a local bidder quotes R11,000 or anyting below R12,000 preference will be given to local bidder. This way we are effectively saying “

We have, Mr Speaker, through the limited resources at our disposal, continuously worked tirelessly to improve the lives of our people. Yes, Mr Speaker, more than 80% of our people in this municipality have access to electricity, decent roads and a whole lot of other social services. We still strive to do more. In the ending 2017/18 budget, we concluded pre‐marketing and preliminary designs as well as appointment and introduction of contractor for Bonisani / Makhehle in wards 24 / 25 which will see the 247 households within communities of Bonisani / Makhehle getting connected to electricity at a cost R5.5 million through Integrated Electrification Program (INEP). In this 2018/19 budget, Mr Speaker, we will be continuing with Masundwini Electrification in wards 04 and 05 which will see over 500 households being connected to electricity.

Mr Speaker, as we table this budget, we acknowledge the brutal murder of one of our own young women, Zolile Khumalo from ward 04 in Mpaphala area. We also wish to heed and re‐iterate the call by government to condemn this scourge and expose acts of abuse against women. We as this council, must join hands with the other sectors of government, private sector and our communities to fight against this scourge within our communities.

Mr Speaker, there has been very minimal increase in revenue. This is mainly based on the 6% increase in most tariffs in line with the National Treasury’s inflation projection. Similar increase has been applied to overall expenditure. Prior to the first democratic election, on 07 April 1994, in Midrand, the first democratic president of South Africa, Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela said, “I have travelled the length and breadth of this country, met people, spoken to children, the aged, everyone I could touch or see. Everyone seeks peace. Everyone seeks a better life. Everyone wants to work together.” It is in that spirit Mr Speaker that we have, and continue to strive to deliver services in order to achieve better life for all.

Over R100 million from Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) will be spent over the 3‐year MTREF to deliver on the infrastructural needs of our communities. Bulk of this expenditure will go towards building sports and recreational facilities amounting to approximately R30 million. These facilities are essential for social cohesion with emphasis on needs of young people to keep them busy and stay away from substance abuse. The balance will be spent on Roads & Causeways as well as Halls. The  following among others will be built in 2018/19:

  • Izingwenya and Obanjeni halls in ward 21 and 20 with a budget allocation amounting to R4.45 million and R3.4 million respectively
  • Basamlilo and Nteneshane sports fields in wards 27 and 23 with a budget allocations amounting to R9.5 million and R4.2 million respectively
  • Osborne and Khangela based at the seat of council in Eshowe ward 11 with a budget allocation amounting to over R20 million over the MTREF
  • Mtipela / Ntabankulu and Endayini to Ngedlesi with budget of R13.5 million and R4 million over the MTREF
  • KwaGalagala, Emahhusheni, Ethafeni and Vekeza Roads in wards 13, 07, 17 and 18 with a budget allocations of R2.5 million, R4.5 million, R6 million and R4.3 million over the MTREF

As I conclude, Mr Speaker, I wish to exhort everyone of us to continue to work hard for the betterment of the lives of our people. I further wish to declare my gratitude to the following:

  • My fellow political office bearers ie the Deputy Mayor, the Speaker and Chief Whip of Council for continued support and assistance in taking this municipality forward
  • Amakhosi aseNdlunkulu for continued support and for continuing to provide needed leadership  to our communities
  • Members of Executive Committee and all the portfolio committees for fruitful engagements and assistance to Executive Committee and ultimately the council
  • All 53 councillors representing this municipality as either ward or PR within our communities
  • The Administration Team led by our recently appointed Municipal Manager, Mr RP Mnguni

Mr Speaker, I hereby table the 2018/2019 MTREF budget.

I thank you,

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