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Mr Speaker, Honorable Councilor CT Dlamini,

Amakhosi aseNdlunkulu,

Deputy Mayor, Honorable Councilor BP Simelane (in absentia),

Council Chief Whip, Honorable Councilor EZ Jaffe,

Fellow Members of Executive Committee of

 Fellow Councilors and Officials,

 Members of the Public Present, I greet you all

I once again appear before this august house to present the second 2017/18 adjustments budget prepared in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 read with Local Government: Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations. Council will recall that the first adjustments budget was presented to this august in 12 December 2017 after I had invoked section 29 of the MFMA following an unavoidable, unforeseeable expenditure that emanated from the demand by our stakeholders in the bus and taxi industry to rebuild a road that was going to be disturbed by the development of eShongwe Mall with Cambridge as the anchor franchise. It was vital for us to embrace this development and ensure minimal disruption and negative impact as we know that the development was bringing a lot more in terms of economic development and job creation in our municipality. In that first adjustments budget we appropriated an amount of R2 million, a portion of which has been paid and balance to be paid once all the technical defects and disputes are resolved.

The second adjustments budget has been under tremendous pressure as there is no additional funding coming to the municipality to fund the additional requirements. Limited funding could only be sourced from savings mainly from employee-related costs which resulted from delay in filling of some senior management positions.

In terms of section 28 of the MFMA read with section 23 of the Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations, “An adjustments budget referred to in section 28(2)(b), (d) and (f) of the Act may be tabled in the municipal council at any time after mid year budget and performance assessment has been tabled in the council, but no later than 28 February of the current year.”

This august house has adopted the mid year budget and performance assessment on 23 January 2018 as required by section 72 of the MFMA. It thus follows that the adjustments budget is being tabled to this council.

We are gathered to consider this adjustments budget at the time when we commemorate 100 years since the birth of the first president of the democratically elected government, Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, uDalibhunga. We can never forget the sacrifices and struggles by him and may other heroes and heroins of our struggle for freedom in our beloved country.

Delivering the State of the Nation Adress, the recently elected President of the Republic, his excellency, Mr Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa said, “We are continuing the long walk he [Nelson Mandela] began, to build a society in which all may be free, in which all may be equal before the law and in which all may share in the wealth of our land and have a better life.” In both our operating and capital budget, we are set on making a better life for all.

Operating Budget

Some significant adjustments include the following:

  • An increase of R1.2 million in Ward Committee expenses which results from increase in stipend payments from R500 to R1000 per seating as well as capacity building in the form of trainings
  • An increase of R678,000 in security expenses for sportsfields. This is to curb vandalism that takes place in our facilities. The escalation of costs in this line item is a concern hence, I implore administration to engage department of sports and recreation to assist with funding for operations and maintenance which will include caretaking and security expenses
  • An increase of humanitarian assistance to R1.1 million as well as community support programme to R828,000. This is to cater for destitute burial services as well as interventions on extra-ordinary circumstances and social assistance requirements
  • An increase on Depreciation and Amortisation by R2.2 million. This is to prevent possible unauthorised expenditure resulting from under budgeting for depreciation which was a finding by Auditor General in 2015/16. Through the adjustmenets budget, this was eliminated in 2016/17 financial year and we intend to continue preventing unauthorised expenditure in 2017/18 hence, adjutments of R2.2 million

Capital Expenditure

  • Seven hundred thousand has been set aside for renovation of Bhekeshowe hall. Additional three hundred thousand was required but, could not be accomodated. Work will commence and will be finalised in the next financial year as budget will be sourced in 2018/19 financial year
  • Two projects funded by Municipal Infrastructure Grant, Mtilombo in Ward 10 and Mbhabha in Ward 2 Causeways with funding of R1.2 and R1.3 million respectively will not be implementable in this financial year due to technical challenges with designs. Funds will be used to fast track Mbangayiya Causeway and Road in Ward 14. Once the needs are confirmed with respective councillors and technical challenges resolved, these projects will be brought back to MIG budget.
  • 1 million has been set aside from council’s own funding to pay for designs and drawing up of specifications for SCM processes to take place now to ensure readiness for dust to fly early in the new financial year. This will assist in maintaining the good spending of 100% on MIG achieved in the last financial year.
  • Half a million has been received from Cogta to assist the municipality to procure a software for a Geographical Information System (GIS). This will assist the municipality to identify to locate the properties and facilties easier for Building Control purposes

I once again exhort each and every one of us to work hard and play our respective roles in order to make sure that we deliver to our people that elected us…! And yes, together, as 54 councilors making up this council, together with our dedicated officials, and all our stakeholders, we can continue to move uMlalazi Municipality Forward…!

Mr Speaker, I hereby table the 2017/18 adjustments budget.

I thank you,

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