Mission and Vision
uMlalazi Municipality



The Vision is seen as the ultimate destination in terms of the IDP Process, with the Key Performance Areas, Development Strategies and Objectives, and projects being the steps required
to reach the vision or destination. The vision is the overall developmental aim for the municipality for up the year 2030, as this is also the vision period with in the KZN PGDS.
The long-term vision for the uMlalazi is as follows :

The Municipal Vision

“To provide sustainable services and development to all communities by 2030 with emphasis on infrastructure, social and economic development in a safe and healthy environment managed by visionary and ethical leadership”

The Municipal Mission

•To develop the institution and to facilitate institutional transformation.
•To provide infrastructure and services to all, with emphasis on rural communities, in a sustainable manner.
•To develop and support sustainable local economic development , through focusing on tourism, agriculture development, indust rial development which incorporates the youth.
•To develop and support social development initiatives, particularly those focused on the youth and the vulnerable
•To ensure good governance through leadership excellence and community participation
•To ensure continued sound financial management
•To ensure effective and efficient Land Use Management, taking cognizance of sound environmental practices
•To support job creation through employment programmes


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Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 10177
SAPS 035 473 4211 / 035 474 4911

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Wind: SSW at 40.23 km/h
16°C / 20°C

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